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How To Create Gmail For Login Blogger

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Before signing up for the service Blogger address should we need to have Gmail . What is Gmail? Gmail or Google Mail is a mail service from Google products, where this email address will be used as the name of the User Name at the time we log into Blogger.
Why Should Gmail? Because if you use email other than Gmail service will not support the Blogger, so it's a must if you want to create a blog diblogger must have an email address in Gmail. If you do not have a Gmail account in easy steps I will teach you easy step or how to register for the service.
Steps to register to Gmail is:
First thing we do is run a web browser, here we use the Firefox browser as its web client. After typing it in the Address Bar do not forget to press enter.

If the page has opened, click on the page Sign up for Gmail. this means we are a new user who will perform the registration process first.

The next page will appear on "Create An Account" Here we are asked to enter some personal data. Input data according to their direction or guidance (Gmail).

Examples of input data:
First Name: Enter the name of our first
Name: Enter the last name we
Desired Login Name: This is the name we will email
Choose a password: Enter password at least 8 characters
Enter again: Enter the password again same as above
Secret Question: Select an existing question (this is necessary if we forget our password)
Answer: Enter the answer (this answer should be remembered when it should be noted)
Secondary Email: not required but if we have another email address that we can include it.
Location: Location within the current
Word Verification: Enter numbers or letters corresponding to the picture below (The picture looks a little strange and abstract)
If you are entering data on click button "I Accept. Create my account "until the stage of making e-mail here is complete.

If no error then email us successful manufacturing process. Record and P assword Email address you in a safe place.
Congratulations you have an email address of the service Gmail . Well this is the email address that will be used later to register for the service Blogger .

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