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How To Create a Blog On Blogger

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Once we make the e-mail with Gmail service on the "Sign up for a Gmail login Blogger", Now We will Create a Blog on Blogger.

First, run a web browser, here we are still using Firefox as web browser. then, typing it in the Address Bar

After writing the above address, we will be faced on the main page blogger. Click on the arrow image "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW" for registration for the first time.

If you've clicked the arrow will appear above the feed stage of the first page is "Create a Google Account" in this page, we are asked to enter some data.

Email address: Enter email addresses from gmail that we created earlier
Enter a password: Enter password. a password can be the same as or different email password and remember it does not matter at least 8 characters
Retype password: enter the same password as you enter the above new
Display name: This is our name will be displayed every post we do, choose a name according to taste (this name can be changed later so the name is not permanent)
Acceptance of Terms: make check that says you agree to follow the rules blogger

After entering the above data on the arrow next Click "Continue" below right.

In the second step, this is where we will make the choice of the name of the blog that we will make

Examples of Input Data:
Blog title: A title of our blog's name, the name usually appears in the caption web browser (This name can be changed later so the name is not forever)
Blog address (URL): Address field is the name of our blog for example

If you have to enter the data again click on the arrow as shown below.
The page will appear next is choose a template.

Template is a display interface or view our blog page, so adjust the template with a blog topic that we will create. We can choose a template according to our taste, select one of the example "Minima"
click on the arrow as shown below.

At this stage of registering the registration is complete. Congratulations you already have a blog now!

if you wanted to write you can click the "Start Posting" where we will go directly view the first post.
You have a blog on blogger now.
and happy blogging ^_^

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