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How To Combine Files With HjSplit

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HJSplit is a software that is used to break up the large size of video file into several parts. HJSplit can also be used to merge multiple video files into one piece. The following tutorial how to combine the files using HJSplit. Please read and understand as possible because there has to combine files with HJ-Split is pretty much asked.

1.If you do not have HJ-Split can be download here

2. Once downloaded, run the HJ-Split (click hjsplit.exe 2 times, this application does not need to be installed), then the image will appear as below.

3. Click the Join button as circled above, and the image will appear as below:
4. Before making sure the file you want dijoin (file extension .001, .002, etc.) had been in the same folder.
5. Press the input file, and then locate the file you want to combine the 001 (only 001 files, 002 files and so does not need to be included and should be detected automatically by HJSplit), then click open (see figure below).
6. Output in the set which will join the file you saved, the default file location of the join results will be matched with the location of the file 001.
7. When finished, click the start button and wait until the end.

Enjoy !!!

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