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Download Film Resident Evil Extinction (2007)

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Resident Evil: Extinction is a fictional horror movie in 2007, and is the third installment of the Resident Evil movies. The film is based on video games from Capcom, Resident Evil and directed by Russell Mulcahy. Own story writer Paul WS Anderson is, who also wrote the story in two previous Resident Evil film series.After the destruction of Raccoon City in 2002, the T-virus quickly spread throughout the world. Both the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia were all
destroyed a dry and barren land. While all the inhabitants of the town turned into a zombie. Parties Umbrella Corporation to try to stop the spread of this virus, but it is very difficult to do.
Alice, one of the super creature walking alone down the Umbrella is now barren and dry desert. He knows that he is wanted by the Umbrella via satellite tracking. Dr. Isaac continues to try to find her, because Alice is the primary key of antivirus to neutralize the effect of making T-virus.

Meanwhile, some members of the 'ex-Raccoon City' which selemat as Carlos Olivera and LJ seem to follow the convoy of some of the quake survivors led by Claire Redfield.
In the morning, the team was surprised by the number of crows that try to find prey. Carlos with Claire led the team to save themselves. Not long ago, came to Alice. And with supernatural strength, he exterminate the crow attack. Alice then introduced himself to her and K-Mart.
Alice explains to Claire that the only safe place is still Alaska. But apparently it takes to get there enough fuel, and fuel convoy was held lacking team. And they decided to look for fuel to the nearest big city is Las Vegas.

Dr. Isaac already knew that the team will go to Las Vegas immediately precedes and brings some vicious zombies to attack a team convoy. Arriving in Las Vegas the team convoy, they were immediately attacked by a zombie. Alice then approached the tent where Dr.. Isaacs hiding and instantly kill all the troops Umbrella.

Dr. Isaacs walked away wearing a fear of helicopters. But when Dr. Isaacs approached the helicopter, he was bitten by a zombie own luggage. Dr. Isaacs managed to escape, and Alice looked set to shoot the helicopters are then undone because it was the only vehicle to Alaska.

Meanwhile in the Umbrella lab, Dr. Isaacs turned into a Tyrant and kill the rest of the lab. Dr. White Queen lock. Isaacs underground. Alice with the team and then go after Carlos blew up the entrance. Alice asks Claire and K-Mart to immediately leave, while Alice alone entered into the lab.

In the lab he met with the White Queen and the computer explains that Dr. Isaacs has been turned into a monster. Alice then goes into an underground lab. At the bottom of the lab she met Dr Tyrant. Isaacs and fight.

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Download Film Resident Evil Extinction (2007)

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