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Yahoo, Microsoft & AOL Unified Compete with Google

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NEW YORK - Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have agreed on joint advertising agreement designed to take over the dominance of Google's advertising machine.

The deal will allow ad networks operated by three companies to offer as well as displaying their advertisement to their respective customers.
"This partnership should increase the demand and the supply of each party advertising as well as provide better results for both publishers and advertisers who participate," the company said in a statement quoted by AFP on Wednesday (11/09/2011).

Google has dominated the market share of a profitable and growing in terms of display advertising, which makes Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL lost its market niche.

Google makes most of its money from ads tied to search the internet but have gained a greater share of revenue from online display advertising, which includes media, digital video and banner ads.

Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL said their deal "will dramatically improve the process of buying and selling of premium display inventory online."

"This should reduce the friction in the market, which will benefit both advertisers and publishers," said Ned Brody, one of AOL officials.

Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo's executive vice president for the Americas, said the partnership will lead to a more efficient, effective and easier to access premium inventory is correct.

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