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Perpetrators Software Piracy Will Be Prosecuted

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Based on data from the study results "Global Software Piracy 2010" issued by the Business Software Alliance, Indonesia currently occupies the 11th position in the world in terms of software piracy. Software piracy rate in Indonesia during 2010 reached 87 percent and the value of potential losses suffered by software manufacturers for 1.32 billion U.S. dollars.

Copyright Director of Industrial Design of Integrated Circuits and Trade Secret, Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Arising Sinaga said the government would revise Law Number 19 Year 2001 on Copyright.

"The target is completed later this year and next year will be submitted to Parliament for approval requested," said Occur after the event giving ORIGINAL Award from Microsoft to Dyandra Promosindo in Jakarta, Friday (11/04/2011).

During this time, copyright law has not fully protect the makers or owners of copyright in the form of songs, movies, ring back tone, the software (the software), to the book. In fact, the law is clear that the perpetrator could be snared by a criminal with seven years imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp 5 billion.

To formulate the revised law, the government will work closely with relevant associations, practitioners, academics, police, to prosecutors.

"Actually we've been cracking down on perpetrators of the hijacking, but still sporadic," he added.

Problems that occur in the field is the police are still difficult to distinguish between original and pirated products. In a later revision, the issue will be clarified to detect genuine or counterfeit products, as well as clarify the evidentiary offense either ordinary (related moral sanctions) or complaint (economic sanctions).

Arising suggested the community should be aware of yourself in using the original product, not pirated. Because, in the original product will be providing welfare for its creator.

"How do the creators want to make this work if you want to make just been hijacked," he explains.

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