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Linux Integration - Windows

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When should we enter Linux, while Windows hard for us to leave, which then becomes the question is
is it possible to integrate Linux with Windows?
The answer is very likely, and even has occurred. If you surf in
internet using Internet Explorer which is actually running under
Windows. Then you visit the various websites running on the web
Apache server, which of course runs on Linux. You can enjoy thanks to the Internet
the control which was a lot of running on Linux and other Unix variants. This illustration

describes the integration that occurred in the internet world. Then how does the
corporate environment, is it possible you are using Linux and Windows in
one network and between the two OS are exchanging data without difficulty?
This article gives a form of Linux-Windows integration
particularly in sharing files and printers using Samba. Samba
act as a daemon on Linux and emulates SMB protocol which is
standard protocol for sharing files / printers on Windows, so Linux act
as if a Windows server.

Why Integration?
There are several reasons why you need a certain stage of integration.
First, you need to train users to migrate to Linux is certainly
takes time. Even a particular user may not want to switch to Linux
for various reasons, eg no time to learn, has been established with
windows, or workers with positions in management. Businesses should be run, and you
need to integrate Windows with a PC or Linux server.

Second, companies may use certain engineering applications and graphics
which file format is not fully compatible with Linux applications. Whereas
you need a file server to store data. Samba can
save the file to be accessed Windows.

Samba as PDC and Member Servers
Another is the ability Samba as Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for
centralize authentication in the network. Samba PDC acts as a substitute
Windows NT/2000, and Windows clients can connect to the server as
using Windows NT/2000. This is very helpful if you do not have
enough budget to buy Windows NT/2000.
The main advantage is becoming more integrated authentication because
using a user account contained in the PDC. Thus the use of
passwords to be more consistent and user no longer need to remember passwords for
access files and printers in different locations.
Configuration technique is to add the computer account and the client
user account on the Samba server. Smb.conf file must also be adapted to the configuration
as a PDC. Practical configuration techniques Samba as PDC can be obtained at
Another alternative is to make Samba as member server to have its main office
PDC. In this case the PDC can be either Linux or Windows server! Samba Server
can be joined to a domain with smbpasswd command. Later in the smb.conf file
Samba should be edited or easy configuration with SWAT. Open links for instructions
quick and easy. Clients can access the Windows and Linux using Samba
domain accounts stored in the PDC.

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