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Latest Intel Core output Launched

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Intel Corporation, introduced a family of second generation Intel Core processor in Indonesia. The advantages of this new family of integrated graphics processor in the processor chip and Intek Quick Sync Video, Intel HD Graphics, and Intel Wireless Display 2.0. Another specialty, more energy efficient and more affordable prices.

More than 5,000 models of PCs and notebooks all OEM products are expected to circulate in the world this year. In Indonesia, local vendors and almost all multinational brands such as stating the availability of PCs, notebooks, and second-generation processor-based servers in late March.

Compared to the previous generation, content creation increased 42 percent faster for gaming and 50 percent after using the second generation Intel Core processor. There are about a billion transistors in the second generation Intel Core processor. When compared with a car that consists of one billion parts Toyota today has 30,000 parts it took 114 years for the most productive car factory to assemble a car.

If considered as a population of a country, the second-generation Intel Core processor will be the second country with the highest population in the world. Currently, second-generation Intel Core transistor is 995 million. If that amount of population, meaning that Intel's second only to China and ahead of India,

This second generation has 540 million transistors more than the combined total number of cars in the EU, the United States, and Asia Pacific are listed.

So, all the privileges that means dramatically improve the use of a PC with a better energy use and more efficient and extend battery life.

"The second generation Intel Core is a technological leap forward for integrated graphics processor in the processor chip allows visual performance is more intelligent and adaptive," said Santosh Viswanathan, Intel Indonesia Corporation's Chief Representative in Senayan, Jakarta.

Indonesia is one of the potential market because of the rise of creative industries, increase public appreciation and interest in creating or enjoying the content.

"Indonesia to contribute to the success of Intel," said Debjani Ghosh, Intel Director of South East Asia. He said the new second-generation Intel Core was launched in Indonesia because it wanted to make sure all products are menggunkannya already available in the market.

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