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Gingerbread Android Finnaly Surpasses Froyo

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Android operating system is so prima donna in the smartphone market. However, the most widely used is not necessarily the latest version. Evidently, the latest data on the Android Developers Google mentioned that November 2011 is the new Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread Android users can go beyond Froyo (2.2).

Gingerbread Android recorded 44.4 percent was distributed to users. While Android Froyo tersalip 40.7 percent in the number of users. Android Honeycomb, which is reserved for tablet products, covers only 1.8 percent of users. The numbers are still very small considering this new version is released in February 2011.

Data is based on the Android device that accesses the Android Market within 14 days to 3 November 2011. Google distributes this data as reference in the Android application developers.

Froyo indeed prosper for a long time since he had been released since May 2010. While Gingerbread was released in December 2010. Because of garanya, many devices on the market that is already ready for Gingerbread released only with Froyo.

Update these devices into the next version did not always appear immediately. For example, the new LG 3D Optimus November 2011 will have an official update Gingerbread. In fact, this device has been present since mid-2011.

Older versions of Android, before Froyo, still has about 13 percent of users. It consists Eclair (2.1) in the rate of 10.7 percent, Cupcakes (1.5) 0.9 percent and Donut (1.6) 1.4 percent.

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