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The Fact Of Android

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Maybe it is not foreign to our ears hear the word Android. Android is an operating system (Operating System: OS) which is owned by Google. This operating system is on the rise compared to other systems such as Symbian, Windows phone, blackberry, iphone ios belongs, bada, etc..

1. Os ni 1 in the world
Android is an operating system No. 1 in the realm of mobile world who previously held by symbian.

2. Using the name of the dessert
Android os name using the name of a dessert such as:

Cupcake (Android1 .5),
Donut (Android 1.6),
Eclair (Android 2. 1),
Froyo (Android 2. 2),
Gingerbread (Android 2 .3),
Honeycomb (Android 3 .0),
Ice Cream (Android 2.4)
Honeycomb is devoted to the tablet, and ice cream will come in the future.

3. Os name in accordance with the alphabet
Android os name according to alphabetical order, if not believe clay list above

4. Os open-source
Android is an operating system is special because it is an open source os that can allow application developers embed its application on android. For info this tambahanOs linux based.

5. Have a market
To be sure the market is not the market that visited the green robot. The market here is android market that can be used to download games and applications for android. There were about 250,000 applications.

6. The fastest growth
Os with the fastest growth
Google's operating system has grown 861% in the last 1 year.

7. Stand alone
Initially this android stands alone as the andrioid inc. after it was bought by google inc. . To develop an open headset alliance was formed consisting of many companies.

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