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Destroy Google search engine algorithm

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Google re-overhauling its search engine algorithm so that users get the information more accurate and relevant. Update 'algorithm fresh' This will convert most of the search results, for example when you search with keywords 'Olympic' then search results will bring up more information about the 2012 Olympics, compared to the 2008 Olympics.

Search results of this new algorithm will also
feature the latest information from news stories that are "warm" and analyze trends that are going to give the most revelan on your search query.

In a posting on the company blog, Amit Singhal of Google said the update will bring nuances that are closer to results of the event is happening.

"If I find the word Olympics," he wrote. "I might want information about the upcoming Olympics next summer, not the 1900 Summer Olympics.

"Offal latest version of the Google search engine is designed to provide the most updated results for you, even when I just enter 'Olympics' only without determining the 'Olympics 2012', I still find what I was looking for," Singhal added.

This change was built thanks to the Caffeine Index Update, which allows netting faster web archive information that directly makes it easy to explore the latest information.

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