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Build your own Super Computer, China American Shock

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China has successfully built the first supercomputer based microprocessor chip made in China itself. This will surprise the United States as a specialist high-performance computing. The announcement was submitted by the presence of the supercomputer industry organizations and the government of China in Jinan, China, Sunday (10/30/2011).

The new machine called the Sunway Bluelight MPP, has been installed in September 2011 on China's national supercomputing system in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong province. Sunway System can perform 1,000 trillion calculations per second, which makes this supercomputer into the top 20 fastest computers in the world. Even more important is the supercomputer consists of 8700 mikroposesor Shenwei (SW1600). Microprocessor is designed in a computer institute in China and produced in Shanghai.

"This is a bit of a surprise," said Dr. Jack Dongarra, a computer scientist at the University of Tennessee and project leader of the world's fastest computer list, the TOP500.

Last fall, China had published supercomputers based in China, namely computer Tianhe-1A and K. However, Tianhe built from processor chip made by U.S. companies, namely Intel and Nvidia, although the internal switching system designed by Chinese engineers. Similarly, the Fujitsu-made K computer, designed with the Sparc chip and the initial design started at Sun Mycrosystems in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Dongarra said, Sunway theoretical peak performance of 74 percent faster than the fastest supercomputer United States - Jaguar developed the Department of Energy National Laboratory in Oak Ridge. Supercomputer made by Cray Inc. was listed as the third fastest machine in the world.

To build a supercomputer from existing components, require large amounts of electricity, roughly the equivalent of a nuclear power plant size. However, Dr. Dongarra said the power requirements of the new Chinese supercomputer is relatively small, only about 1 Megawatt, according to a report technician. While supercomputer Tianhe mngkonsumsi approximately 4 Megawatts and Jaguar supercomputer about 7 Megawatts.

According to some experts the U.S. supercomputers, microprocessors Shenwei seems to be based on some design principles are similar to Intel microprocessors. However, engine cooling technology owned by Sunway is questionable compliance with supercomputer-class future.

Photo supercomputer Sunway then answer the question. Photo shows the water cooling system which is a significant advancement in engine design. "This tells me that this supercomputer has a serious design. This design is appropriate for exaflop scale supercomputers. China can win in this case," said Steven Wallach Convey Computer's chief scientist, who also had developed a supercomputer.

Credit : Tekno kompas

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