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Benefits Of linux

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Linux is here to connote the "distributions" of Linux or Linux Kernel. Depending on the meaning contained in the discussion. The following outlines a number of advantages of Linux.

1. Free Linux
Think you got a "free drinks". Linux it's 100% free, not shareware. To borrow a copy of Linux and use it also still includes legal. Or buy a CD-ROM Linux by simply replacing the cost of burning a CD and maybe some other items (manuals, bonus applications, technical support, etc.). Linux can even be taken from the Internet but will spend a lot of time and cost of downloading is not cheap. It's just for now, some Linux distributions such as RHEL and SUSE Linux Enterprise, you can not download and distribute it for free. But do not worry, a number of other distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Mandriva and openSUSE Free Edition, no less violently with commercial distros like RHEL and SUSE Linux Enterprise.

2. Linux is ready for use
Other operating systems provide very little initial application, perhaps a text editor, a simple graphical applications and some games and users have to purchase additional applications. Linux provides almost everything that users need and want. Among other things: text editors, office applications, image processing applications, web browser, audio player / video, compilers, utilities and more, only in a DVD. All this is a lot that are free. Interestingly, the application included a quality not inferior to similar commercial applications contained in the other operating system platforms.

3. Linux is easy to install
Who says it's difficult to install Linux? Currently, the installed distro like Ubuntu probably only takes about 30 minutes, plus 7 times just make a click. After that, the Linux desktop a charming dish plus a number of applications you can immediately use to meet the needs of your work. If still less with the included applications, simply connect the PC to the Internet, run applications Ubuntu Software Center, and select the thousands of applications that you can download at will. Simple, easy, free, and certainly not overshadowed,

4. Nothing gets tough
One moment you experience difficulties when using applications on Linux. Call to setup a Linux, Apache, MySQL, to install WordPress package. If you encounter this, simply open a web page browser, navigate to the search engines Google, then enter the keywords: "how to install Linux, apache, mysql on Ubuntu" or "how to install linux, apache, mysql, in Ubuntu". Before long, dozens of sites will be presented to solve the problem you are facing. If still not please join the many dozens of forums, mailing lists, and IRC of the community. They are ready to help your problem, anytime and from anywhere. Conditions like this share will be very different if you use an operating system than Linux.

5. Linux multitasking
Linux can run multiple applications at the same time and each application can also do some work in the same time (multi-threading).

6. Linux is a multiuser
More than one person can use Linux at the same time. This is certainly done in a computer network environment.

7. Linux is a reliable
Linux can handle web sites that have access to millions per day. The most concrete example is Google and Facebook are using Linux as its server operating system. With additional equipment, Linux can compete with supercomputers cost millions of dollars. Many Linux computer that can run for years without ever even crash, and this indicates their reliability.

8. Linux is flexible
Linux does not care if there is not a greatest computer on the market. Linux runs well on any hardware platform, including 386 or 486 computer with 8MB of memory. But for this, would require more knowledge to choose a Linux distro that is appropriate for the condition of the hardware in question.

9. Linux compatible
Linux is where it can run on different types of computers such as 386/486/Pentium I / II / III / IV, AMD, VIA, PowerPC, Macintosh, even Alpha and SPARC computers. Linux is also capable of handling multi-processor and able to handle almost all audio and video cards. Linux can be installed on the hard drive that has been filled with another operating system or on a disk that is still empty. Linux can also be used in text mode or GUI mode. All this can be done using Linux.

10. Linux is secure
Besides the fact its network security advantages, Linux is also safe for home users. Linux is not susceptible to viruses as Windows. Moreover, with the habits of computer users who like any flashy Indonesia USB Flash Drive that already contains a virus. Very rare cases of Linux viruses that can infiltrate into Linux until all this time. It is at least bring more value for Linux than Windows.

11. Linux is free
Unlike most other operating systems Linux is a free application. For this additional statement, then think "free speech". Linux is distributed with its program code. Maybe someone thought "What the program code? I do not need because I am not a programmer!" It does not matter if you do not need the source code and only acts as a user code binaries. Code program here is intended for developers who want to further improve the relevant program code, and with more reason that neither side can turn off Linux for any reason.

12. Linux is not perfect
Not honest when revealing all the advantages without disclosing deficiencies. To be honest that Linux still has some disadvantages. For example, the GIMP graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop are not as sophisticated. Or Adobe In Design is still very sophisticated compared with Scribus. However, this shortcoming will eventually be dealt with as many inputs from the users of the application concerned and developed further with the relevant application. But compared with its shortcomings, still more advantages than disadvantages of Linux. Moreover, based on the author's personal experiences that have been using Linux since 1999. If there were no applications of advanced video editors, so this time PiTiVi or OpenShot can already be an option. Or if your office can not afford an expensive solution seperto SAP ERP, OpenERP Adempiere and can be an alternative that currently exists. Not to mention the software options such as Pentaho Business Intelligence BI, Xen for virtualization applications, a number of rows the application server from the Apache Foundation, and a number of enterprise applications 'malignant' other, which remains free and is not inferior class with other enterprise applications that are proprietary.

If you've seen the advantages of Linux and a number of developed countries are already implementing Linux for their needs, whether you still stay silent and remain determined to continue using pirated proprietary applications or purchase expensive proprietary software licenses? All choice is yours.

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