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4 Important Features Windows 8

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Microsoft claims that they have reinvented the OS via Windows 8, the latest new operating system introduced by the giant technology company.
As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (14/03/2011), Microsoft introduced Windows 8 Build officially at the conference which took place in Anaheim, California. Features such as the Metro front view, touch screen support, improved performance, a mainstay in the new OS.

Here are four important things that should be listened to on Windows 8:

1. Windows 8 serves to tablet, laptop and desktop
The biggest difference between Windows 8 with its predecessor is full support for many devices, not just for laptops and desktops, but also for the tablet. In addition, Microsoft also introduced a display face Metro previously popular in Windows Phone.

2. Windows 8 runs much faster
Microsoft's latest OS has increased much faster performance. 'Impressions records' previous activity in the memory has been reduced, while increasing the boot time (less than 8 seconds). In addition, the OS also supports USB 3.0 and Hyper-V.

3. Windows 8 will have its own app store
To support this browser, Microsoft also released Windows App Store. The move is seen by analysts as a move to rival Apple's App Store IOS.

4. The touch screen feature in Windows 8
The developers at Microsoft recognize that the Windwos 8 is designed to use the touch screen feature. Although the OS is working quite well with a mouse or keyboard, but Microsoft says that the Metro is a front view of the future of Windows.

The things that Microsoft bet for competition in the OS market today. Analysts see this move is good enough to revive the name of Microsoft, which recently was 'buried' by

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