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Russia Will Make Super Computer In 2020

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MOSCOW - Russia says ready to enter the competition to build the supercomputer in 2020. If that happens then Russia will join the ranks of supercomputer maker nations such as China, Japan and the United States (U.S.).

Russian experts have designed a plan for the development of such systems is estimated to cost approximately 45 billion rubles, or $ 1, 5 billion. It is quoted by Softpedia, Sunday (02/10/2011).

The authors have presented their plan documents at the meeting of Russia `s National Technology Platform HPC and updated this plan saloon with the advice of Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications who want to add a network with the concept of GRID.

According Cnews site, this document has been mengabiskan take up to half a year in writing. Gradually the details of construction exascale machines, as well as the development of specialized processors for computation is started. Meanwhile HPC platforms and software also began a series of paired.

The first step in developing exascale supercomputer is the deployment of a system with a performance of up to 10-15 Pflops in 2014 and 2015, while in 2017 hinggga 2018, Russia hopes to introduce a system of 100 Pflops.

In March this year, Russian officials have announced that the first petaflop supercomputer able to go into operation at the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation in Sarov.

According to Russian scientists who have developed a supercomputer that has a sustained performance ranging from 780 teraflops, making it the fastest system to get in on the 12th fastest in the world to enter the TOP500 Supercomputer list. But the list is not official.

Russia still has not berkinginan to participate in the TOP 500 supercomputer organization because of the level of confidentiality of this system is very high.

In addition to detailing plans for the development of new exascale supercomputer, the documents prepared by the Russian scientists have also proposed a specific project contractor, including Rosatom and T-Platform, which will design the hardware of this machine.

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