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Restore the affected files in the flash Shortcut

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Maybe this post has a lot to spread widely on the Internet .. But there's no harm in me share in Blog ni. for those who already know just leave this post and look for more useful knowledge. Peace: D Starting from the experience. stems from a good school computers are often give the virus "that makes me turn into a shortcut file .. My immediate initially just format my flash because the file "it is not important .. and a week later my flash content contains important files and then I plug it into school computers to do the work .. But what power I forget if the computer was very good: D finally i changed the flash file so the shortcut .. I could not help me how to let me browse my files back to their home .. finally see also the article about it: D

To restore the affected files in the flash shortcut you can follow these steps: - The first course flasdisk enter ye into your computer / laptop. - Open a CMD by clicking start-run and type cmd. - Then type in your flash drive, such as are in F, then type F: and press enter. - Then we already are in drive F, then type dir to check the contents of the drive. - Check whether the file you are looking for has been met or not, if not then type dir / a - If the file you are looking for has been met then type attrib-s-h-r / s / d, but if you find writing the parameter format not correct then you can do any other way to type attrib-r-s-h F: \ (name of Your folder). Example, attrib-r-s-h F: \ folder_musik - The final step is to open the flash file you whether you are looking for has been met or not. if the above steps have bener then the folder with the file you are looking to return to their home: D

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