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How to install Linux on an Intel Mac with Boot Camp

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To install Red Hat Fedora on an Intel Mac running Leopard 10.5.4 using Boot Camp is easy enough to do.
First the neophyte way:
1. Turn the Mac off and then insert (only part way) the Fedora Distro. DVD into to the DVD
player slot.
2. Turn the Mac on again and the DVD should be "sucked" into the DVD slot. If there is a
just push it back into the drive.
4. Hold the "option" key down just as the Mac is booting.
5. When the drive selection display appears, release the "option" key and select the DVD for
the Boot process.
6. The DVD will now be read and the GRUB loader will take over and load the base Linux
7. When the GUI appears you are lead through several set up screens. You are to set the
time, timezone, Root (Administrative) password, and then to a special screen to select
the disk layout
8. Take the default layout. And select the hard drive for the installation.
9. Select the software configuration for you system. (It would seem a good idea to take the
software development and Web options.)
10. There is a section to configure the software package install. Take the "Customize now";
but, make sure that you are connected to the Internet because these packages are downloaded
from the Fedora web site.
11. Once you select the "Customize now" option, you are presented with a page that allows you
select options. Make sure that you select the Office suite and Java as a minimum! The
Installer will take some time to figure out just which modules it needs to download from
the Fedora Web Site.
12. When the main GUI selection page is restored, left mouse click on the "continue" button.
13. The Installer will format the Linux partition as specified in step 9. You take no
action at this point. Just let the format of the Linux disk continue.
14. Now the Installation Progress Display is active and you can watch the software being
15. Allow this to continue. When the installation is complete the "reboot" window will be
displayed and the Distribution Disc will be ejected.
16. Select the reboot.
17. Hold down the option key until the boot drives are displayed.
18. Select "Windows" (this is just the NAME of the disk partition.
19. GRUB will start loading the Linux Operating System.
20. When the UI is active, you will be asked to enter a user name and name the system.

(The system name is what the Internet Users will use to access your system).
Now we get a bit more advanced but not by much.
1. Log onto your new Linux System as "Other" and enter "root" as the user and enter its
2. Eventually you will see a column of program names on the right side of you screen saying
these will be "updated".
3. Select the "update" and allow the process to continue. This will take more than an hour
since there are more than 800 files that will be updated during the session.
4. Pass you mouse/cursor over the tool bar to get an idea of where things are located.
5. When the update completes, just place you mouse over the Applications/System to get a
terminal window.
6. When the window becomes active, type "sync;sync;halt" to exit Linux and go into shutdown
Read the manual or get a book on Linux or even one of those plastic cards at the bookstore that give you the Linux commands. The Linux Bible is a very good source for finding just which commands you may wish to employ.
Now that the system is powered down, hold the "option" key down and power the system on. When you see the boot disk's displayed. Select the Mac OS. Make sure that it boots correctly.
You now have a dual booted system: one is the Mac OS and the other is Linux (the drive is named Windows).

Good Luck..

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