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Differences Webmaster, Web Developer and Web Designer

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In the web world, there is a third term for web-makers. That is Webmaster, Web Designer and Web Developer. All three are familiar to hear, but here I would like to discuss or re-reviewing the Webmaster, Web Designer and Web Developer especially on the difference.

Web Developer
Web Developer is a person who makes or creates a web-based application that uses a programming language. Here the role of Web Developer is a connector of the resources that will be used in the creation of websites, starting from pengkoneksian or calling the database, create dynamic pages to control how web visitors how to make users can interact with elements that exist on the website.

A Web Developer who is skilled, they are already familiar with programming languages ??both on server and client side. Web Developer to be a reliable, one must understand and know with:

    * Client Side: JavaScript.
    * Server Side: ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Perl, PHP, etc..
    * Database: Oracle, MySQL, etc..

In general, after scripting a web application is done by the Web Developer is completed, then the Web Developer will submit the next job in a Web Designer to create the perfect look and fit.

Web Designer
Web Designer is a person who makes a visual / display on a web. Web Designer must also be able to determine a suitable display in accordance with the theme of the website to be created, not only a beautiful view of origin only. Web that looks good and beautiful is not necessarily a lot of interest if not in accordance with its contents, the web that looks simple but could have attracted the attention of visitors. From this we know, that Web design should be able to determine where the theme and look of the match on a website.

To become a reliable Web Designer, of course, must understand the client side scripting, HTML, CSS, and also be able to edit and manipulate images and animations, which is where all of that very club for a Web Designer. Here is a detail that must be understood a Web Design:

    * Client side scripting: JavaScript
    * Server side scripting: PHP, ASP, etc..
    * CSS (Cascade Style Sheets)
    * HTML
    * Image Manipulation: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Draw, and other software.
    * Animation of the flash

On the other hand one should also know the Web Designer web usability, W3C standards for HTML and CSS and browser compatibility on any different.

Webmaster is a combination of a Web Developer and Web Design, addition of a Webmaster is used to maintain the website, optimize SEO (search engine), enter content and mepublish diwebsite or market it.

Web Developer, logical skills needed to manage the flow of web applications are created. While Web Designer requires artistic ability and creativity. And for a webmaster, it will require the ability of logical, artistic and adequate experience in their field.

Based on its level, if ordered from the bottom, namely:

   1. Web Designer
   2. Web Developer (Programmer)
   3. Web Master (Top Level)

While this is only once that I can share, may be useful.

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